Self-Care For The Satanic Parent

Self-Care For The Satanic Parent


The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

‘expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care’
as modifier‘self-care methods such as meditation’
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I think that we can all agree that life, in general, is pretty fucking stressful. Even more so if you are a parent and double that if you just happen to be a Satanist. Self-care is fundamental in ensuring our mental well-being as well as that of our children. It can be as simple as taking five minutes to breathe deeply and gather your thoughts or as luxurious as a hot bath with candles and wine, my favorite. Below I will give you some ideas for Self-Care Rituals.

Self-Care Rituals


  • Set aside time each day to read your favorite book, catch up with a good friend or simply finish a cup of coffee/tea.
  • Take a long walk outside paying attention to the sights, sounds and smells (no phone!).
  • Put on your favorite music and dance.
  • Paint a picture, write a poem getting creative is a great way to practice self-care because it allows you to put your feelings into your work.
  •  Play video games, yes I’m serious.
  • Bake, cook your favorite recipes.
  • Have your own personal Destruction Ritual. Since rituals are so personal I will tell you what I do but you can do whatever you are comfortable with. I usually write down on a piece of paper what is causing me stress, pour myself a glass of wine and burn the paper. Afterwards light some black candles  in your bathroom and have a nice long soak as you wash away all that negative bullshit.
  • Step away from social media! I cannot stress this enough. All the negativity from these social platforms leaks into your daily life and causes undue and unneeded stress.


No matter what you choose to do just remember that putting yourself first from time to time is not a bad thing.

Ave Satanas Ave Thyself

My Life As A Satanic Parent

My Life As A Satanic Parent


Let me start by saying that I am speaking (writing?) on my behalf. Not on the behalf of other parents who are Satanist and certainly not on the behalf of The Satanic Temple. I have written and rewritten this post more times than I care to count. I came into this Satanic parenting blog idea thinking it would be easy, a breeze… It hasn’t. I wanted to show you how we are the same and yet totally different from other parents, easier said than done. I wanted this to be a place for all parents no matter your beliefs but that is pretty hard to do when others are throwing prayers for your damned soul in your face. It is also hard to do when you find a picture of your child plastered all over social media decrying him as evil, a witch. So, I very nearly gave up and let them win, but thought better of it. why should I be ashamed of who I am and what I believe in because it makes others uncomfortable.? The answer to that is, I shouldn’t and neither should you.



Satanic Parenting


I like to think that Satanic parenting is parenting with “style”, that’s a joke you can laugh now. My life as a Satanic parent is jam packed with school, activities, laundry, cleaning, activism and lots (and I mean lots) of coffee. Did she just say activism? Yup, I sure did. You only have to go as far as The Satanic Temple’s website to see all of the campaigns that are currently in progress. Not only those listed on the website but most chapters have their own campaigns. From cleaning highways and waterways to gathering food and menstrual supplies for the homeless.



A Day In My Life

We home-school so mornings are probably not as hectic for us as it might be for another parent. My days are fueled by coffee so I wake up and fuel up before I wake the kids. Their days consist of school and homework, pretty basic stuff really. Besides the basics we are teaching them the core values (of the tenets) which are compassion, empathy, justice, respecting others, bodily autonomy and critical thinking, a HUGE shout-out to someone for the help on this subject (you know who you are). We are also getting our five year old ready for kindergarten and our youngest is learning his abc’s, colors, shapes etc. When I have some free time I like to catch up on my reading or find new and interesting crafts to incorporate into our school. After homework the day usually flies by with dinner, T.V time bath and bed.



We Are Not So Different


Remove all of the labels and what you are left with is parents who just want the best for their children. We want them to be safe and happy.To know that they are loved and wanted. To teach them how to be good and kind to to others and to stand up for what they believe is right. This is what any parent wants for their child and what brings us together. I hope that you enjoyed this post because i sure enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to share and as always Ave Satanas.