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Self-Care For The Satanic Parent

Self-Care For The Satanic Parent


The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

‘expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care’
as modifier‘self-care methods such as meditation’
Courtesy of: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/self-care
I think that we can all agree that life, in general, is pretty fucking stressful. Even more so if you are a parent and double that if you just happen to be a Satanist. Self-care is fundamental in ensuring our mental well-being as well as that of our children. It can be as simple as taking five minutes to breathe deeply and gather your thoughts or as luxurious as a hot bath with candles and wine, my favorite. Below I will give you some ideas for Self-Care Rituals.

Self-Care Rituals


  • Set aside time each day to read your favorite book, catch up with a good friend or simply finish a cup of coffee/tea.
  • Take a long walk outside paying attention to the sights, sounds and smells (no phone!).
  • Put on your favorite music and dance.
  • Paint a picture, write a poem getting creative is a great way to practice self-care because it allows you to put your feelings into your work.
  •  Play video games, yes I’m serious.
  • Bake, cook your favorite recipes.
  • Have your own personal Destruction Ritual. Since rituals are so personal I will tell you what I do but you can do whatever you are comfortable with. I usually write down on a piece of paper what is causing me stress, pour myself a glass of wine and burn the paper. Afterwards light some black candles  in your bathroom and have a nice long soak as you wash away all that negative bullshit.
  • Step away from social media! I cannot stress this enough. All the negativity from these social platforms leaks into your daily life and causes undue and unneeded stress.


No matter what you choose to do just remember that putting yourself first from time to time is not a bad thing.

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